Warranty truck diagnostic tools, car diagnostic tools

BGDIAG sales only quality products such as truck diagnostic tools and car diagnostic tools. All our items are covered with 1 year warranty. If your device stopped working properly, stop using it and contact us.  Shipping costs to our offices are covered by a customer, shipping back is covered by BGDIAG. Cables, cases and other accessories are not  covered with the warranty.

Warranty seal of truck diagnostic tools and car diagnostic tools

All our products are  marked and protected by device disassembling with sensitive seals. If you’ll try to disassemble the device, it will be visible on the warranty seal and the warranty will be cancelled. All our devices have been checked before shipping for all its functions and for its quality

 Free warranty service for our diagnostic tools is not provided:

● if you damage device while doing device firmware updates incorrectly
● if you damage device while using it wrong (example – if you connect diagnostic device to car while it is connected to external battery charger and etc.)
● if you damage warranty seals on the device housing
● if you damage device with while using non proper power source (external power supply)
● if you damage device physically (drop, hit or etc.)
● if you damage device while using it with non proper cables and adapters or other accessories
● if you damage device while using wrong cable not suitable for specific car
● if you damage device while using it in conditions not compatible with conditions described in device user manual instructions.

Additional services

BGDIAG provides maintenance and repairing services for truck diagnostic tools and car diagnostic tools even for devices that have been bought from another supplier. If you want to repair your not working device and get maintenance for it ,  please contact us for more details. BGdiag.com cares about its clients and proves it every day with our special trained support team.

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