ZF Diagnostic Tool


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ZF Diagnostic Tool checks the functionality of all electronically controlled ZF products.

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ZF Diagnostic Tool


ZF-Testman Pro checks the functionality of all electronically controlled ZF products. All transmission-specific data required for a fast and comprehensive diagnosis are retrievable by the ZF diagnosis system

Included in the package:

  • Testman.• DPA06 Interface
  • 2 x Bluetooth sticks
  • Mini USB cable
  • LAN cable
  • 15-pin male to female adapter
  • OBD2/5-pin cable – CAN (VEH)/K-line (optional pins)
  • 6-pin EST-37 cable – special version passau (only K-line)
  • 9-pin JPT (yellow) cable – CAN (ZF+VEH)/K-line
  • 9-pin MNL (white) cable – CAN (ZF)/J1708
  • 9-pin MNL (white) cable – CAN (ZF)/K-line
  • 9 to 6/3-pin cable – CAN (ZF)/K-line

ZF Testman Diagnostic Tools Support Features:

Supported commercial vehicle/special transmissions:
• ASTRONIC (1, 2, mid, lite, lite test rig, 2 assembly inspection, 2 test rig)
• ECOMAT (1, 2/4, HP 260 CAN-Converter)
• INTRADER (EST32, EST42/48)
• WSK EST 41/61

Supported marine propulsion systems:
• BW

Supported commercial vehicle steering systems:
• ZF Servocomtronic (Servotronic F)

Supported automobile car steering systems:
• ZF Servolectric (BMW E85, APA E72, APA E90, VW PQ35/45 + Audi TT, VW PQ35-3)
• ZF Active Steering (BMW E60 PL1, E70 PL4, E90 PL2)
• ZF Servotronic (Servotronic F)

Supported off-road driveline technology and asle systems:
• ERGOPOWER (WG110-WG311, 2-3 WG-94, EST 117/125 – 119/126)
• T7000 (T7100 EST38, T7200 EST38, T7300 EST38, T7000 EST45/57/57A/ PVS LS EST57A)
• ECCOM (John Deere, Claas)
• T557 EST57A
• HC 85

• Current errors;
• Read error memory;
• Delete error memory;
• Read identification block;
• Vehicle data sheet;

Test Inputs and Outputs:
• System-check standstill;
• System-check run;
• Test unit (indication of all digital inputs and outputs);
• Indication of all digital and analog values such as speeds, currents and voltages;

Repair support:
• Tightening torques;
• Setting data;
• Special tools;
• Test equipment;
• Maintenance;
• Repair work;
• Pressures;
• Circuit diagrams;
• Electrical readouts;
• PDF format;

 Languages supported:
united kingdom, germany, france, italy, spain, russian federation, china

Compatible software:

ZF-Testman Pro Development 10.5 [2015]


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